Don’t we all want to reduce our emissions, our waste, and our consumption of resources? Yet to some of us this might seem complicated, expensive, and kind of unsexy. heads up! shows you that actually, the opposite is the case! A more conscious lifestyle is very enjoyable, easy, and attractive. It brings along a high quality of life, stimulates your creativity, connects you with your social environment, makes you feel more independent, keeps you healthy and might even save you money. None of us are saints and we will continue to commit small environmental sins here and there. But saving carbon emissions, waste, and resources with our other activities still counts! By opening our eyes to the small changes we can make in our daily routines, we will become more and more aware of feasible possibilities to reduce our environmental footprint. Have a look around hu! and you’ll see that a conscious, climate friendly lifestyle feels good, tastes delicious, and looks beautiful.


heads up! presents people, projects, ideas, initiatives, and products that inspire us to live more sustainably. It is not just because we should, but because we want to eat really good food, love our clothes for more than one season, use healthy body care products, be surrounded by beautiful things that last or can be repaired, and have a high quality leisure time. With information and inspiration hu! helps you to make conscious decisions for climate friendlier products and behavior, and reducing waste, emissions and exploitation.


hu! encourages you to do things yourself, to be active, and to be creative. hu! is created for and with you, and we invite you to get involved! Send us your feedback, become a contributor, or just show some love: contact@heads-up.cc


Let’s do this together!


Florinn Bareth

founder & editor-in-chief


In spring 2015 me and my longtime friend Natsuko had the idea for heads up!, shortly after we started creating this project with a lot of love and energy, and launched this page in August 2015. At hu! I’m responsible for the concept and content, always on the hunt for interesting projects, people, and initiatives that make our world a little bit better. hu! reflects what is important to me: inspiring people, delicious food and drinks, arts and culture, beautiful design, creative DIY, getting my hands dirty with gardening, theoretical input, and moving around without harming the environment. My hometown and base is Berlin, but I also feel at home in Copenhagen. I work as a project manager in the field of sustainability, social business, climate protection, and alternative consumption. In my free time I am a DJ and make music. I have worked in film production, arts and fashion for several years and hold a Masters in film studies, philosophy and art history.





Natsuko Mizushima

founder & creative director


I was born in Japan and live in Berlin. As a designer I work in different fields and I also create concept jewelry with a variety of materials sometimes. I am fascinated by objects I find on walks in the nature but also very interested in the re-use of waste materials which can be transformed into unexpected visual shapes. At hu! I am responsible for the visual concept and development of our website. I am very glad to work with people who take care of our environment and live a conscious life.
Please also visit my design website! www.a-i-ue-o.com