Gianna Thiess


Gianna is a sports therapist and passionate cook based in Berlin. She regularly organizes supper clubs, caters and develops food concepts for bars and restaurants. “My passion and creativity for cooking, and the awareness of sustainable food developed with the decision of being a vegetarian. At one point I realised that I can make my own little contribution to sustainability just due to the fact of eating delicious and healthy food. For my cooking I always use seasonal and local products, sometimes even from my own balcony. I'm very happy to be part of the hu!-team and am excited to enrich you with a new delicious recipe every month.”


Marcus Nyberg


Marcus Nyberg is a Swedish photographer, working internationally and living in Berlin. He is hu!'s in-house photographer and creates most of the photos for this website. Sometimes Marcus disappears to a secluded hut in the Nordic wilderness, to return very relaxed with amazing nature and landscape shots.

Ana Galan


Ana is a passionate journalist and a sustainability local advocate. Originally from Spain she moved to Berlin and since then, she has tried to move towards a more sustainable way of life. She has worked in media and communications before and although she focused on video and new technologies she carries always a notebook and a pen. A jogging lover she decided to run Berlin Marathon to find another way to enjoy the city and she moves around with her bike. She also likes photography, cinema, reading and enjoys cooking a healthy and sustainable meal.



Gemma Hannah


Gemma is a crafter, aromatherapist and storyteller from London. She hand makes 100% natural skincare products from raw ingredients, and what started as a hobby while she was living in Provence with her husband and 3 children has become a made to order brand called Cocotu Apothecary. Since moving to Berlin, Gemma has continued her passion for natural living. She loves to share her wisdom via hands on workshops at her studio, as well as though her step by step tutorials here on heads up!

Susie Lee


Susie Lee is a writer and editor from Los Angeles. Her background is in art history, and has written for Juxtapoz, Arrested Motion, and uncube magazine. Her interests include art and architecture, design, technology, sustainability and contemporary culture. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, watching cartoons, and karaoke.

Maíra Goldschmidt


Journalist, writer and producer from Brazil, Maíra has been working in the fashion field since 2004. Her articles and reports have been published at the main websites and magazines of the country such as Harper’s Bazaar Brasil, Harper’s Bazaar Art, Vogue Brasil and The New York Times. Yet some years ago she decided to move to Germany to look for a new way to communicate fashion and for a new lifestyle. In Berlin, a master’s degree in sustainability in fashion was the first step. Supporting transparency, commitment, consciousness and ethical communication with a lot of humor, her thesis and her fashion project about upcycling and waste management focusing on the Brazilian beachwear segment won the jury prize at Esmod Berlin in 2014.


Antonia Wagner


After studying Politics in the Near and Middle East in Marburg, Antonia started a second bachelor’s in Organic Farming at the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde. Born and raised in Berlin, an internship at a permacultural forest garden brought her back to her hometown where she is now based again. Besides gardening, she enjoys art, literature and philosophy. Her interests further include economical degrowth, self-development and feminism à la Laurie Penny. Together with the readers of hu! she will explore why permaculture is an exciting possibility to transform not only land, but cities into flourishing, cooperative communities far from exploiting nature and humanity.

Matilda Lucy


Originally from Manchester, Matilda is a writer and content editor currently based in Berlin. When not working for design platform Pamono, she enjoys promoting and experiencing sustainable cultural exchange through travel and language learning. Matilda’s interests include design, architecture, photography and cooking. She is excited to be on board with the hu! team to explore the people, places and stories demonstrating that popular contemporary culture and a conscious lifestyle are no longer mutually exclusive.



Emilie Florenkowsky


Emilie’s background is in art history and, more recently, environmental and resource management. She is most interested in the spaces where culture and nature overlap. To explore this territory, she co-founded and edited the online archive and publishing project META magazine, a journal at the crossroads of art and science. In 2013 she initiated the consultancy Unverpackt Einkaufen! to push the concept of bulk shopping and different packaging alternatives among major grocery retail chains. She has promoted the idea of packaging waste prevention at the policy level too, and with support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, produced the international conference Precycle Europe in 2015.