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Und Gretel: the Essential and Toxic Free Makeup from Berlin


Not a crazy, toxic rainbow, but healthy, beautiful and basic colours that you need for nice makeup. This is the idea behind Und Gretel, a cosmetic line from Berlin that uses organic, natural and BDIH-certified ingredients. The wish to have a palette with natural key shades was born while the makeup artist Christina Roth was working for fashion publications, as well as with celebrities. She realized that the cosmetic market was split into two categories: either beautiful fashion colours, but very often containing controversial ingredients, or natural cosmetics, usually with boring and pale colours. Roth’s solution was to create her own brand in partnership with Stephanie Dettmann. It took five years of developing products that aligned bold colours, durability and toxic free components. From mineral pigments and vegetable emollients to waxes and avocado oil; all the ingredients are grown ethically, sustainably and in harmony with the environment.

According to the brand website,“each product has been created, fine-tuned and perfected using our years of experience in the beauty industry and tested on models, friends, and family – never animals”.

During a Folkdays and Friends event in Kreuzberg in June, Roth said her favorite product is Luk, a creme eye stick (€ 34). She called it "the Berliner eyeliner" because is suitable for all styles and skin tones you could see on the streets of Berlin.

Und Gretel was launched in January 2015 in Germany, but the production is based in Italy. The brand has already won the Beauty Challenger Awards Europe 2014 in Paris. www.undgretel.com

text: Maíra Goldschmidt

© images: Und Gretel