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Chard-Curd Dumplings with Mushrooms in White Wine Sauce

Early autumn is prime time for seasonal cuisine: harvest has just been brought in and the local farmers’ markets are overflowing with fresh, healthy and delicious vegetables. For this recipe I have chosen chard and mushrooms as the basic ingredients. Chard is highly nutritious, contains many vitamins and is also rich in minerals, dietary fiber, and protein. At the moment you can find these wonderful huge leaves in big bunches of various colours (from green to yellow to red) at the markets for little money - or harvest them in your own garden if you have one. And to get your other ingredients you could even go on a mushroom foray now. No mushrooms taste as good as the ones you have found yourself in the woods. (But please make sure you really know which ones are edible and which aren’t!)

This recipe is for 4 portions and takes about 45 minutes to cook.

400 g chard (or spinach)

150 g shaved parmesan

350 g curd

3 egg yolks

5 tbs semolina

80 g flour

1 tbs butter


300 ml white wine

1 cup crème fraiche

200 g mushrooms

2 shallots

1 small onion

some parsley

Wash the chard (or alternatively spinach), allow the water to drip off, then chop it into small pieces. Chop the onion and roast it in olive oil in a pan. Add the chard and let it cook on low heat until it becomes soft. Season with salt and pepper, then put it aside and let it cool down.

Mix semolina, flour, parmesan, egg yolks and curd in a bowl. Season with salt, pepper and a bit of nutmeg. Add the mangold and stir the mixture.

Bring water to a boil in a pot. Form dumplings out of the mixture with two tablespoons and drop them carefully in the boiling water. Let them simmer for about 5 minutes, until the dumplings swim on top of the water. Then take them out and let the water drip off.

For the sauce chop one of the shallots and roast it in olive oil in a small pot. Deglaze with the white wine. Add the crème fraiche, season with salt, pepper and a bit of sugar. Let it simmer until the sauce thickens.

Chop the other shallot and roast it in olive oil. When the oil is really hot, add the quartered mushrooms. Season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley leaves.

Cut the dumplings in slices and roast them gently in butter in a pan until they are golden brown.

Serve the dumplings with the mushrooms, the white wine sauce and some fresh parsley on top.

Bon appétit!

text: Gianna Thiess photos: Marcus Nyberg Gianna Thiess