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We Are Not Afraid of Autumn

As you may have noticed, this edition of hu! is all about autumn – the season with a pretty bad reputation because of its heralding the arrival of the cold and dark wintertime. But actually, we at hu! really love autumn: the tickling mixture of melancholic decay and overwhelming, colourful beauty.

It is the season that stands for awareness, for it awakens instincts of conscious living and thinking about tomorrow. It’s the time of harvest, the time to share abundance, to preserve the gifts of nature, to collect seeds and prepare for the cold and dark times to come. We feel like making our homes comfortable, creating cosy nests to hide away from nasty weather and to compensate for the lack of daylight. Quality suddenly becomes more important to us: the high quality of the woolen pullovers or blankets we invest in to keep us warm, of the healthy food we eat to prevent from catching the nasty cold all our colleagues have, and also of the time we spend with friends and family. We realize there are some people to share fun times in the warm, easy seasons–friends for hanging out on the water or in the park, drinking cold beer and dancing on short summer nights. But now as we face long dark evenings indoors we find ourselves skipping through our phone contacts and wondering who we would actually want to go to the cinema with or invite over for dinner. And then we realize that it is pretty relieving to shift your focus from 500 social networking acquaintances to a handful of close friends to rely on and to make a little effort to spend rewarding high-quality time together: to fall asleep next to each other on the sofa while watching a much praised arthouse film, to go for long walks through rustling leaves, to have indoor picnics, and to feel really chic when going out in glamorous clothes that are just too warm to wear in summer.

And isn’t it amazing how things that will annoy us soon can also feel nice and cosy when they occur for the first time in the year? The first hoar frost in the morning, seeing your breath in front of your face while biking, the windows already being illuminated when leaving from work, finding kale at the markets again, filling the hot-water bottle before snuggling into bed...

We are very much enjoying all those little pleasures and have put together the first hu! mixtape to also tune you in to this beautiful melancholy. Autumn is also the season for taking the time to properly listen to music again and dream away with it, travelling with sound ... We hope you will enjoy our selection and that it will become a good companion for cosy evenings cuddled in your favourite blanket or in your lover’s arms. Keep warm and don’t be afraid.

hu!mix #1 We are not afraid of autumn

by Florinn Bareth


text by Florinn Bareth

© image:

Markus Nyberg