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Dark Chocolate Coconut Plum Truffles

As the weather gets colder and the nights longer, we start feeling lazy and like to get cosy at home. Cravings for chocolate arise and so, for the month of November, I would like to share this recipe for a sweet treat with you.

You will need:

150 grams coconut oil

12 tablespoons coconut flakes

10 tablespoons raw cacao powder

20 dried plums

1 vanilla pod

6 tablespoons roasted sesame seeds

If you like chocolate mixed with spices you can carefully add whichever you like – chillies, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, etc.

Melt the coconut oil in a pot. Cut the vanilla pod open carefully with a thin knife, take out the seeds and mix them with the warm oil. Add the whole pod as well and leave it in for 10 minutes to let the flavours blend thoroughly. Take it out and add the dry plums. Use a hand blender to mix the plums and the oil. Then, add the coconut flakes and the cacao powder. Stir everything until all the ingredients are well mixed.

Leave the mixture in the fridge for one hour until the oil gets solid again. While waiting, roast the sesame seeds in a pan until they’re a little brown. As soon as the mixture is solid again, form little balls and cover each one with sesame seeds.

To keep them solid and fresh store them in the fridge!


text and photos: Gianna Thiess