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The hu! Way of Xmas, Part 1

The hu!-team has selected some special tips for making your Christmas time a bit more conscious, climate-friendly and creative – but also cosy, joyful, funny and even sexy.

In the upcoming weeks we will present you lovely gifts we'd like to receive ourselves, ideas for handmade surprises for your loved ones, recipes we can't get enough of and recommendations on how to consume more responsibly.

More to come in the next days, so check back again soon!

Maíra recommends:

Lingerie by Anekdot from Berlin.

It is sexy, hand-crafted with materials from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and old trimmings, and has a vintage touch on the design that I love. In Berlin you can find Anekdot at Un Autre VooDoo, a shop in Neukölln which is so charming that you'll get inspired by the other designers’ creations too.


A vintage leather bag from Repeater.

One of the best things to buy at a second hand shop is a bag. Usually in good condition, it is, in a way, an exclusive accessory - they never have another one that looks the same. Have a special look at Repeater's folk leather bags. That's my tip ;)


Dr. Bronner's orange lavender bodylotion.

The company does not only have good products that smell delicious(!) but also an amazing story telling that converges with last century history, and a strong commitment to environment, activism and people. All ingredients are organic, ethically-sourced and have fair trade certification that ensures fair prices, living wages and community benefits for farmers, workers and their families.


Ana's ideas:

Bake an edible gingerbread box.This is the time of baking cookies and share them with your loved ones. A way to surprise them this Christmas is to also make a sweet container - a gingerbread biscuit box! What can be better than a container you can eat? You only need gingerbread dough to bake 6 squares and some icing to glue the 6 squares together. And you can use the rest of the icing to decorate it. As easy as it sounds!

Knit or let knit. If baking is not part of your skills but you are a genius with needles, knit a scarf. Or even better, give a knitting kit as a present. For buying a complete knitting kit I recommend a local store to get local organic yarn and some wooden, fair produced needles.






texts: Maíra Goldschmidt and Ana Galan

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Repeater Berlin