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The hu! Way of Xmas, Part 2

Here comes part 2 of our special tips for making your Christmas time a bit more conscious, climate-friendly and creative – but also cosy, joyful, delicious and fun.

In the upcoming week we will present you lovely gifts we'd like to receive ourselves, ideas for handmade surprises for your loved ones, recipes we can't get enough of and recommendations on how to consume more responsibly.

More to come in the next days, so check back again soon!

Florinn's recommendations:

Chocolate by Original Beans.

Good chocolate is one of the best things in this world. And consequentely it's one of our favouritre gifts - both to give and to receive. Chocolate by Original Beans does not only taste fantastic but is made from carefully selected rare cacao beans that are organically produced and directly fair traded. Futhermore the company cares about preserving nature and the environment: for every bar you buy, local cocoa farmers plant or preseve one tree that can be tracked on www.originalbeans.com

(special tip for people in Berlin: you can buy the Original Beans chocolate tabs in bulk at Original Unverpackt. In a nice jar or little textile bag this aromatic chocolate is a very charming gift without any packaging waste)

Paper ribbons by PaperPhine.

PaperPhine from Vienna have rediscovered the art of paper yarn and paper twines. The young brand of paper lovers are constantly looking for new ways to use their materials of choice, preserving and reviving old techniques and incoporating state-of-the-art methods onto their designs.Their colourful ribbons are produced in the EU, made from 100% paper and dyed eco-friendly. After unwrapping your gifts your can either recycle the ribbons or (because they are way too beautiful for the trash) reuse them several times – actually they can even be washed by hand.


Candles with a good conscience. Candles play a big part in the cosiness of Christmas time and winter in general. Unfortunately most conventional candles consist of paraffin wax which is made from mineral oil - bad! Stearin candles seemed to be an alternative for a while as they are made from renewable resources, yet this is mostly palm oil - also bad!

A real alternative are 100% natural soy wax candles, for example beautifully handmade by Munio Candela.


Munio Candela: Villa Collection candles in recycled wine bottles and jars

Another alternative (and a bit less expensive) are candles made from 100 % recycled fat. In Germany there's for example Biokema that are producing environmentally friendly candles made from regional renewable raw materials.


Anyhow, my personal favourite stay beeswax candles because they are not only sustainable but also produce this unique odor that immediately make me feel like Christmas…

Solar fairy lights for outdoors.

For also making the outdoors shine and sparkle in a festive way use fairy lights powered by solar energy. A small solar panel is charging energy during the daytime (also when it's cloudy), an integral light sensor will automatically switch the lights on at dusk and then go back to charging when daylight appears. These lights are very convenient as they need no extra wiring, save energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.








text: Florinn Bareth

© images (from top to bottom):

Original Beans


Munio Candela