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Beetroot Goat Cheese Towers with Spicy Honey

During the winter season I love to warm myself up with hot AND spicy food. I just can’t get enough of all the delicious and colourful winter veggies—they’re super healthy and full of the vitamins your body needs. Add some chilis and ginger and you will survive the cold season easily!

Delicious, crunchy, hot, sweet, and salty, beetroot is just right for my January edition.

Serves two 4 medium-size fresh beetroots 100 grams goat cheese Thyme (optional)

2 tablespoons honey 1 chili as spicy as you like (best with dry chipotle chilis but also goes well with jalapeños or thai chilis)

½ teaspoon ginger 3 tablespoons pumpkin seeds

Preheat the oven at 180°. Don’t peel the beetroots, just wash them properly and put them in the oven for about thirty minutes (it doesn’t matter if the skin gets a bit dark). Take them out, let them cool a bit, and peel them. Cut the goat cheese into 3mm slices. Do the same with the beetroot and build little towers: Take a slice of beetroot and place slice of cheese on top, followed by another slice of beetroot, and another slice of goat cheese. If you have fresh thyme you can add some on top of every tower. Place the little towers in a casserole dish and put it into the oven. Bake for another ten to fifteen minutes until the cheese melts and gets golden brown on top. While the beetroots are baking, heat up the honey in a little pot until it turns to liquid. As not to burn the honey, only warm up over low heat. Cut the chili (again, as much as you want and as spicy as you want) in small rings. Peel the ginger and grind until there is ½ teaspoon. Add ginger and chili to the liquid honey and let the flavours combine. Roast pumpkin seeds in a small pan. Take out the beetroot towers, season with salt, add a little bit of honey and roasted pumpkin seeds on top of every tower and serve hot. Enjoy!

text and photos: Gianna Thiess