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Xmas Gifts We'd Like to Get Ourselves

Okay, giving something selfmade or quality time might be the best Christmas gift for your loved ones. And we know that buying stuff second hand is best for the environment, our purse and the alternative economy we dream of.

But nevertheless we might want to buy some new, beautiful things for our darlings or simply ourselves. So here is our fine selection of high quality gift ideas, produced fair, sustainably and with a lot of love.

Snow Stool by Cucula

Cucula is a design and crafts company for and by refugees.

In the winter season they produce the Snow Stools for a limited time: it may not be the fastest sled, but definitely the most stylish one. Be the coolest racer in your park and support a great not-for-profit project, which is workshop and education program all at once.


220 €

Skin Care by Cocotu Apothecary

Cocotu’s skin care products are all hand-made in small batches, using only absolutely essential ingredients. That means no water, cheap synthetics or harmful preservatives. Everything smells incredibly delicious and feels wonderful on your skin, even on the most sensitive one.

You can order single products or kits that come in an organic cotton bag:


5 - 50 €

DIY Lamp Set by Ekomia

Forget big Swedish furniture shops and make your own lamp that fits your personal interior style! Ekomia is a young sustainable furniture brand that also sells DIY kits for beautiful, individual accessories. Combine a simple but high quality textile cable either with a glass jar, a tasteful ceramic or brazen bulb fitting – or pour your own concrete fitting in a yoghurt cup.


25 - 33 €

Lunch Boxes by Eco Brotbox

These timeless bread and lunch boxes made from stainless steel come in all shapes and sizes. They help reduce packaging waste, are free of any toxins you find in plastic and are fair produced. Since I have gotten one myself (the triple Dabba Magic Box) I enjoy my snacks in the office even more...


8 - 40 €

text: Florinn Bareth

photos by the brands


Cocotu Apothecary


Eco Brotbox